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What I can find here ?
Below you can find video clips of selected machines. Up on your request we can send you a free CD containing video file of specific machine you are looking for.

What do I need to view the video clip?
Windows Media Player and a fast internet connection.
You can download it from these links: Windows Media Player
The videos range from 1 Mb to 3 Mb in size so opening them might take some time.

How to view the clips?
To view the video clip  Just click the icon
To download the video clip, use right click on your mouse and click "Save Target As..." to save it.

*** For a free copy of original video clip on the CD, please call on free toll 1800 064 677 ***

Mailing / Payslip Solution
Pull Out Solution for Mailing House

Pressure Sealer Solution for Mailing House FD 2250
Envelope Inserter Solution for Mailing House Challenger
Desk Top Pressure Sealer Low Volume FD 1500
Low ~ Mid Volume FD 2000
Mid Volume FD 2052
Mid Volume (In-Line Solution) FD 2052IL
High Volume FD 2092
Address Printer Solution for Mailing House, Office Astrojet 300
Paper Folding Machine Paper folding Machine for Office PolyFold
Binding Solution
Perfect Binder Best Value Desktop Perfect Binder BinderPro
Affordable Desktop Perfect Binder PB2000
Desktop Perfect Binder - Fastbinder Ser Elite(Soft Cover)
Secura(Soft Cover)
Ultra(Soft Cover)
Elite(Hard Cover)
Secura(Hard Cover)
Ultra(Hard Cover)
Hard Cover Making
Commercial Perfect Binder Binder 4(In-Line)
Spiral Binding Commercial Solution Rhino
Wire Binding Commercial Solution Apes 14
  Office Solution RBX
Paper Handling Solution
Paper Folding Office Solution Polyfold
Stapling Office / Commercial Solution Stago
Paper Punching Office / Commercial Solution FilePecker
Creasing Commercial Solution PitStop
Cutting Business card slitter ZIP 10
Business card slitter ZIP A3
Cutting Electric Guillotine DigiCut
Paper Jogger Office / Commercial Solution Stago Jogger
Tabbing Office / Commercial Solution Onglematic

* These are selected video clips.