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roll laminator

Key features

  • Hot and cold lamination
  • Single and Double celloglazing
  • Jumbo roll capability
  • Auto sheet cut off
  • Anti curl device
  • Auto end of sheet stop
  • Auto slit of film
  • Auto seperation of each sheet
  • Anti curl device
  • Infra red end of sheet stop
  • Variable speed control






Max Paper Size 130 - 350mm 130 - 330mm 130 - 350mm
Max Paper Length 110 - 700mm 110 - 700mm 110 - 999mm
Paper Thickness 80 - 400 GSM 100 -300 GSM 80 - 400 GSM
Speed 240 mtrs/h 240 mtrs/h 240 mtrs/h
Film roll diameter 210mm 210mm 220mm
Slitting Auto Auto Auto
Auto Feed No Yes F650D
Heat Roller 2 2 2
Double Side Yes Yes Yes
Anti Curl Level 18 18 18
Power AC220V, 50 Hz, 450W AC220V, 50 Hz, 450W AC220V, 50 Hz, 450W
Dimensions 730x640x545mm 880x640x545mm 460x900x1400mm
Net Weight 53kgs 62kgs 60 kgs


Automatic double side roll laminator with high pile suction feeder

Single or double side automatic laminator with automatic separator. Ideal for single side cover lamination and encapsulation with films from 25 to 250 microns.

Automatic separation will be performed either on single and double side BOPP overlapped sheets thanks to the powerful built in tear-off system.

1000mt BOPP laminating rolls can be installed on top and bottom reel holder.

Removable feeding plate will make the first set up of encapsulation easier.

75mm diameter laminating rolls will grant perfect lamination result even at maximum speed.

Independent adjustable temperature of the two laminating rollers will preserve the quality of back print in case of single side lamination.

Automatic high pile suction feeder controlled by machine's PLC will adjust feeding speed accordingly to laminating speed in order to keep constant gap or constant overlap between the sheets.

Adjustable de-curling bar provides flat results on single side laminations.

All the settings and operations are controlled through one single touch screen control panel and software engineered to make machine's setting fast and easy.




Max working width (mm) 340
Max paper width (mm) 350
Max paper thickness (gsm) 400
Max temperature 170°C
Heating system swith Independent
Laminating speed 5 mtrs/min
Control panel with preset function Yes
Roller pressure adjustment Manual
Feeding capacity 12cm
Controls User friendly settings
Separator Built-in
Power consumption (W) 2200
Power requirements (V - Hz) 230 - 50/60
Dimension (mm) 730 x 750 x 14220
Weight (Kg) 180


The GS500A is a fully automatic high speed laminator / celloglazer.

The GS500A is a fully automatic high speed single and double side production laminator. With a deep pile feeder and vacuum sheet pickup even heavier weight and stocks can be easily processed.

Auto cut off of the laminated sheet ensures fully automatic operation.

Key features

  • LCD display & control panel
  • Deep pile auto lift vacuum pick up sheet feeder
  • Auto sheet overlap control
  • Hardened chromed steel heating roller
  • Auto sheet overlap control
  • Chromed steel heating roller
  • Automatic protection system for paper feeding break off
  • Continuosly adjusting anti-curl device
  • Auto burst system for finishing lamination
  • Speed up to 20 mtrs / min output
  • Mobile vibrating delivery stacker
  • Ideal for digital printing, packing, sign environment




Max length of film 2000 mtrs
Max width of film 500mm
Thickness of film 25 mic ~ 32 mic
Diameter of core 75mm
Paper Thickness 150 ~ 350gsm
Max sheet sizes 500mm x 707mm
Min sheet sizes 297mm x 420mm
Speed adjustment range 0 ~ 20 mtrs / min
Temperature adjustment range 80°C ~ 180°C
Rated input voltage 220/50 V/Hz
Rated input power 5500 W
Gross machine weight 910 Kg
Packing dimensions (mm) 1960 x 1270 x 1860


The F540B is a fully automatic single and double side laminator/celloglazer

The compact design includes all the latest European critical components including the MAYBEC German vacuum cup feeder to guarantee consistent and reliable feeding on all paper stocks.

Key features

  • Fully automatic deep pile vacuum feeder
  • Colour touch screen controller and automatic settings including complete machine diagnostics
  • Easy film roll load system
  • Upper and lower heated rollers equipment with cast aluminium
  • Adjustable pneumatic roller pressure system to guarantee excellent laminating quality
  • Anti-curl device uses turbine gearbox ot ensure laminated sheets delivered flat every time
  • Pneumatic laminated sheet cutting system
  • Vibrating delivery table provides perfect sheet knock ups
  • High output production speed up to 30 mtrs/min




Max. Paper Size (mm) 540 x 780
Min. Paper Size (mm) 290 x 290
Laminating Speed Up to 30 mtrs/min
Paper Weights 100gsm - 500gsm
Dimensions (cm) 320 x 125
Weight (kgs) 450
Gross Power 1.8KW
Feeding capacity 12cm