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Flex systems originally focused on the development of variable data printing system ie/ Flexmail specially for envelope and variable data printing.

New in their German manufacturing facility they produce a complete range of professional inkjet addressing / printing bases.

Two different type of inkjet print heads are available

  • A low cost HP based system (HP2 JET)
  • High quality UV based system able to print on almost any substrate (RG5 JET)

These can be mounted on any transport bases between Flex systems, also manufacture of high quality vacuum transport bases including feeders, dryers, delivery conveyers.

Please download and review the full componet catalogue from the link below.


1) HP2 JET

The HP2 Jet inkjet head is based on the proven Hewlett-Packard (HP) thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology and Inc.jet’s state-of-the-art electronics, creating a reliable, cost-effective and easy to operate solution for mailing and packaging needs.

The HP2 Jet produces outstanding print quality at a great price. The HP2 Jet produces high quality images with print resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi, HP pigmented inks produce dark crisp images on a variety of substrates with easy pen replacement. Due to its HP cartridge based technology, the system is easy to set up, operate and maintain.

The print head is available in a 2" configuration, giving you excellent coverage abilities. Up to four 2” print modules can be combined in a single system. A bulk ink delivery system is available for high production environments.

HP2 Jet Print module



  • Low capital cost, high quality inkjet system.
  • Proven, 'no-mess' HP cartridge technology.
  • Simple maintenance and ink cartridge replacement.
  • 2" print width per print module, expandable to 4 modules (8").
  • Dark, crisp images up to 600 dpi.
  • Variety of inks for spot color, porous, and aqueous-coated substrates.
  • Optional bulk ink system available.

Managed print – Lifetime warranty and increased ease of use

The HP2 Jet printer is available in an unmanaged or managed option. The unmanaged option allows the use of any print cartridge; the managed version is set up to only use jet.fuel® managed cartridges and provides the following advantages:

  • Lifetime warranty on the print heads If there is ever a problem with the electronics, the head will be replaced free of charge for the
  • LIFETIME of that product, whether 1 year or 10 years old. Inc.jet provides a Lifetime Warranty for its hardware products and warrants that each product is to be in good working order for the product's lifecycle. Should the product fail to be in good working order, inc.jet will repair or replace this product at no charge.
  • Lifetime maintenance on the FlexMail software When using the managed print heads, lifetime maintenance will be added to the FlexMail software completely free of charge, assuring that you will always have the latest version of the software.
  • Making print even better - solid performance, always Managed print improves the ease of use and quality of printing for the HP2 Jet printing systems.
    • No need to program ink drive parameters. As soon as a Managed Print cartridge is placed into an HP2 JET printer, it recognizes the exact ink and type of cartridge and configures a wide variety of firing parameters to suit that specific ink, thus maximizing performance and print quality.
    • With a Managed Print ink in place, every one of the 300 nozzles in each cartridge is individually checked and the results displayed in a simple format, enabling you to quickly and precisely deal with any issue that might have an impact on your print quality.
    • Expanded maintenance and recovery features to keep cartridges working in the most difficult applications.

2) UV Curable Inkjet Solution (RG5)

Equipped with industrial high-resolution and high-speed Ricoh Gen 5 DOD (Drop On Demand) piezo electric print heads and based on Amica's reliable print technology, the RG5 Jet printer meets the increasing and rigorous demands for printing variable addresses, graphics, dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers, and texts on coated and uncoated substrates.

HP2 Jet Print module


High quality

The RG5 Jet supports up to a 600 dpi resolution giving you maximum print quality at high speeds. Matched with a grey scale option there is little that cannot be printed with incredible sharpness.

Versatile ink applications

The RG5 Jet offers two kinds of ink systems to satisfy almost all application requirements. Depending on media and substrates, a UV ink system or a water-based ink system can be supplied. UV curable inks have advantages of excellent hardness and durability. They can be printed on a wide range of coated or uncoated substrates, including plastic cards, paper, and metals. The earth-friendly water-based inks can be printed on coated paper.

Simple integration

The RG5 Jet is delivered as an all-in-one solution. Print head with bridge, ink delivery system, drive electronics, encoder, trigger sensor and, optionally, a LED UV curing station in one compact package. As a fully integrated, but modular designed, digital inkjet printing system, the RG5 Jet can be easily integrated into existing transport systems to create more value-added opportunities. The modular design offers greater flexibility to combine the RG5 Jet with different technologies, such as feeding, UV curing, & camera inspection.


  • DOD piezo electric print head, 600 dpi print resolution.
  • 54mm (2.13") print width per module, up to 2 modules.
  • Produces crisp sharp images on the widest range of substrates.
  • UV-curable, water-based dye, or pigment inks.
  • Cures on coated stocks, plastics and metal.
  • Easy to set-up and maintain.
  • Very affordable system with low ink costs.

Model HP2 Jet RG5 Jet




Technology HP TIJ 2.5 DOD Ricoh Gen5 DOD Piezo
Printing width

50.8mm per module
Max. 4 print module

54mm per module
Max. 2 print modules

Water based, solvent, pigment

UV curable ink, Water based ink (pigment or dye)
Native resolution 600 dpi 600 dpi
Drop size 33 pl 7 or 14 pl with grayscale
Features Low capital cost; high resolution; convenient ink change; spot color; easy operation Produces crisp sharp images on the widest range of substrates; very affordable system with low ink costs.
Print speeds

600 dpi: up to 38m/min
300 dpi: up to 76m/min

RG5: up to 60m/min
RG5s: up to 150m/min