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desktop folding machine FOLDING EQUIPMENT >> FOLDNET 52

A3 desktop folding machine

Simple operation, very short set-up times and optimal results through fully automatic setting from feeder to delivery.

The automatic set-up system controls all settings of the machine from feeder to delivery. Starting with the unfolded sheet size, the chosen type of fold and the paper thickness measured by the paper thickness sensor, the computer control calculates the positions of the various setting elements and adjusts them accordingly.

Intelligent machine control and touch screen operation simplify the folding process. The central touch screen panel is the interactive operator interface where all important settings are made. Manual interference is reduced to a minimum. The operator guidance is self-explanatory. The operator knows at any times which menu is active and which options are still available. Through an interface Foldnet allows integration data to the machine by means of a JDF-file or for production data acquisition.

Technical Specifications

  • Paper Size: max. 52 x 85 cm
  • Paper Size: min. 10 x 12 cm
  • Fold length: min. 3.5 with additional fold unit KF 31: 1.8 cm
  • Stack height of feeder: 66cm
  • Speed: max 220m/min