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Commercial Inserting Machine .............................................................................................................................................

A revolution in face up production inserting - 4 models available

Challenger (heavy duty/high speed)
1. DL-C5 - 15,000 per hour
2. DL-C5-C4 - 8,000 per hour

Rubin (mid range)
3. DL-C5 - 8,000 per hour
4. DL-C5-C4 - 5,000 per hour

A state of the art high speed mail processing machine from Grutzmacher Germany, that is specifically designed for commercial applications and includes numerous advantages

All the feeders are in line. Easy to load and operate all from one side. Retro fit feeders to suit. The set up and loading of envelopes and materials is performed from the front of the machine, which simplifies the procedure, ensuring efficient running.

An optional intelligent module can quickly read barcode off a sheet and accumulates A4 sheets into a set. When the correct number of sheet for the set is reached, it sends the completed set into the folder. The folder will then fold the set together loads it onto the track for inserting.

Since 2006, we have achieved total of 5 installation in Australia. Four installations (including one intelligent system) in Sydney and one intelligent system installation in Melbourne.

Please feel free to contact our sales team on (02) 9890 3225 to arrange obligation free demonstration or to discuss your requirement further.


Envelope feeder with auto loader                         Rotary drum feeder

Friction Feeder                                              Friction Shuttle Feeder

 Intelligent feeder, accumulator folder with auto loader

  • New low cost vacuum Rotary Folder - A4 paper can now be folded and inserted on-line. 
  • From 3 to 13 feeder stations.
  • A choice of feeders, vacuum rotary, top feed friction feeders, bottom feed friction feeders with shuttle.
  • New sliding Colour Touch Screen that includes the operator and spare parts manual on-line.
  • Camera options available for matching, selecting or accumulating from reading simple barcodes to OCR & data matrix barcodes. 
  • New ultrasonic double document detector with minimal set-up required. 
  • High-speed suction feeder - collator - folder option for billing work in DL, C5 or C4 formats. 
  • Face up inserting - great for on-line ink-jet addressing. 
  • Double document, missing sheet, paper jam and missing envelope detection all electronically managed. 
  • Excellent build quality. Designed and built in Germany.
  • Output conveyor electronically controlled with bundling option. 
  • Able to fulfill up to 1,000,000 envelopes per month.
  • All controls are handled on a single touch screen controller which provides full job statistics, allows for fast job set ups, recall of frequently proceeded jobs and provides information as to machine status.

          Best of all is the pricing. For full details call 1800 064 677





    Grutzmacher Challenger Demo - Folding on-line with two additional inserts

Grutzmacher Challenger Demo - One insert into DLX envelope

Grutzmacher Challenger Demo - Folding A4 on-line plus two inserts into DLX envelope

Grutzmacher Challenger Demo - 2nd machine performing two inserts into DLX envelope


MailExpress Inserter - High Volume Mail Processing Machine
1. Cycles 4500 filled envelopes per hour
2. 1-7 A4 sheet feeding stations

New from Grutzmacher, the German manufacturer of high speed commercial mailing systems is the MailExpress. This modular intelligent mailing machine allows you to design the system most suited for your exact needs.

Whether you need from 1 ? 7 A4 sheet feeders with the ability to fold up to 9 sheets together and in addition up to 3 insert feeders for difficult or thick stocks/booklets, the MailExpress provides the ultimate in flexibility.

Reading options include OMR, barcode or Data Matrix, it¡¯s your choice.

The proven design allows for heavy duty continuous running with no maximum monthly duty cycle, and is a pure work horse.

The touch screen operating system and open architecture design means short set up times between jobs. Operators love the easy access to all components.

If you are a Government department, Mail house, Commercial office or Telco etc you will appreciate the low overall cost of ownership combined with high output production of the new MailExpress.

Please feel free to contact our sales team on (02) 9890 3225 to arrange obligation free demonstration or to discuss your requirement further.


Tower Feeding System 1-7 Stations                        Friction feeders for inserts


OMR - Barcode - 2D Datamatix Reader                        Envelope Station

for intelligent billing applications



  • Touch screen PC control
  • Cycles at 4500 filled envelopes / hour
  • 1 - 7 A4 sheet feed stations
  • Plus 1 – 3 insert feed stations
  • Folding station – up to 9 A4 80 GSM sheets
  • DL & C5 envelope capable
  • OMR – Barcode or Data Matrix reading options
  • Automatic programmable setup

          Best of all is the pricing. For full details call 1800 064 677




MB multipageMAILER

commercial inserting machine

A cleverly made mailing catches the eye. The proper technology makes it possible to cause a sensation, thus ensuring the success of the mailing campaign. With the new multipage , MB Bäuerle offers the ideal solution for this purpose.

The multipage allows the production of an individual cover letter with matching envelope in a single pass. For this purpose the multipage -system is first fed with the sheet for the envelope. Up to four sheets plus envelope can be processed. Feeding takes place either by means of a cut sheet pre-loader, continuously from a roll or directly from a digital printing system.

Processing is made possible by a patented accumulator which collects the different elements of the mailing in accordance with a specific procedure before the mailing is folded to its final size in the fully automatic folding system prestigeFOLD NET. The integrated fold unit can also be used for normal folding jobs, which results in the highest possible flexibility of the complete system.

A camera system in connection with a diverter guarantees permanent security during the entire production cycle and makes sure that only impeccable documents reach the delivery section. The complete system is also very operatorfriendly because of its compact design and good accessibility.

In connection with the innovative possibilities of digital printing, the multipage opens up new approaches in the production of mailings. The individual design of the envelope in agreement with the contents results in maximising the advertising message and consequently leads to a significantly higher response rate.

Click images to enlargeMultipage Mailer

Multipage Mailer



MB multipageMAILER

Feeding speed

Max. 25,000 sheets/h (A4 Length=297mm)

Sizes envelope sheet Max. 250 x 330mm, Min. 180 x 210mm
Flap length

Min. 40mm

Paper weight 70 - 90gsm (uncoated paper)
Sizes insert sheets

Max. 225 x 330mm, Min. 155 x 210mm

(width Min. 25mm less than evelope)

Feeder capacity

Up to 40,000 sheets (80 gsm, 20 lb, bond, unfolded)

Accumulator capacity

Max. 4 inserts + 1 envelope sheet, Min. 1 insert + 1 envelope sheet. Optional: Min. 1 insert without enveope sheet(Insert=envelope sheet)

Reading system Camera reading system from the bottom in the feeder
Glue system Cold glue system with max. 3 glue guns
Optional software Monitoring and reporting