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friction feederFriction Feeders

The friction feeders that Specialty offers are designed to take the hassle out of feeding. In today's competitive marketplace, users need feeders they can count on to run whatever comes their way. Revolutionary features enable the feeders to easily handle a wide range of media types and sizes from business cards to large catalogs, and almost everything in between.

The feeders offers simple setup, versatility, and reliability. The R12 feeders handles up to 12" wide stock and the R14 feeders up to 14" at speeds up to 40,000 pieces per hour! If necessary, friction feeders that handle up to 20" wide material are available.

General features

  • Advanced, patented separation for smoother feeding without the jams.
  • Repositionable feed belts and separators.
  • Use as many separators and belts as each job requires.
  • Complete paper guides for consistent registration.
  • All belts can be replaced in minutes.
  • Heavy duty shafts and bearings for long life.
  • Completely tool-less setup.
  • Clean, uncluttered design – easy to setup, easy to move, easy to service.

R12/R14 High speed continuous feeder

  • Feeder typically used in-line with flat belt or vacuum conveyors for inkjet printing, labeling, tabbing, etc.
  • Unit comes standard with Dry Contact start/stop interface.
  • Optional small media kit.

R12E/R14E Continuous feeder with adjustable angle acceleration table

  • Adjustable angle acceleration table offers the ability to adjust the angle of delivery into production equipment.
  • Position the table flat for ink jetting or tabbing and downward for collators and bindery equipment.
  • Enhance productivity while minimizing waste.
  • Unit comes standard with Dry Contact start/stop interface.
  • Optional small media kit.

Model R12 R12E R14 R14E
Mode Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
Product length 51 - 432 mm 51 - 432 mm 51 - 432 mm 51 - 432 mm
Product width

76 - 355 mm

76 - 355 mm 76 - 305 mm 76 - 305 mm
Product thickness Single sheets up to 10mm Single sheets up to 10mm Single sheets up to 10mm Single sheets up to 10mm
Speed Up to 40,000 p/h Up to 40,000 p/h Up to 40,000 p/h Up to 40,000 p/h
Weight 15.9 kg 27.2 kg 17.2 kg 28.5 kg
Voltage / Current 220 VAC 1ph 220 VAC 1ph 220 VAC 1ph 220 VAC 1ph


friction feederVacuum Shuttle Feeder

The vacuum shuttle feeder is particularly well suited for feeding products like magazines, brochures, catalogues and of course standard mail pieces like envelopes and single sheets. The VSF1 accommodates product 75 x 90 mm up to 460 x 450 mm. Like all shuttle feeders, the VSF1 runs continuous because its hopper is loaded from the top and feeds from the bottom. Equipped with a DC variable speed motor, vacuum pump and roller cabinet, the VSF1 runs with most inline addressing systems.

Flexible and precise feeding

  • Consistently feeds a wide assortment of product including magazines, brochures, cards, newspapers, envelopes, and sheets.
  • For best possible feeding there are three different vacuum plates available: concave, flat and curve.
  • The continuously adjustable speed and the setting possibilities of the vacuum enable a precise supply of different products.

Easy to integrate

  • The feeder fits easy into production lines as it is height adjustable.
  • The operator’s side can be changed, supporting integration with right-to-left or left-to-right running systems.
  • For ease of operation, all important adjustment possibilities are accessible from the outside.

Model VSF1
Product length 75 - 450 mm
Product width 90 - 460 mm
product thickness 25 mm

Up to 25,000 p/h

Length 68 cm
Width 78 cm
Height 70 - 110 cm
Weight 132 kg
Voltage / Current 220 VAC 1ph